Edmond and Cyrah {Engagement Session}

5:42 AM

Engagement Session in Villa Igang
Couple: Edmond and Cyrah
CDG Photography
Iloilo Wedding Photographers

This is the scene that will greet you before entering Villa Igang

Crepuscular Rays greeted us as we went inside the resort.

This scenic mini bridge 
is a lovely spot

Cyrah really loves butterflies
And here starts the fun part. We just let them be. Playing and putting paint at each other. Or should I say paint wars? :)

And bum grabbing

That face of Edmond, seems to enjoy. But just wait for it....

Eat that! LOL!

Nice teeth Ed :)

Bet Cyrah, will have to say pass on that kiss Ed.

Finding the hidden mickey
Now Edmond is excited to jump.
Even Cyrah, just looks on.
Goodbye balloons...

Some behind the scene snaps :)

Glendy helping Cyrah put on her gown.

Talk about TBT :)


we love this lagoon

A beautiful sunset to cap off the day.

Thanks Edmond and Cyrah!


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